march 14th



Here from the guest speaker

Erika Bean, Presidents Team

Living a life uncomfortable in her own skin, avoiding mirrors and human contact while being a stay-at-home mother are just a few things that Erika      Rylan-Bean dealt with on a daily basis. It drove her to writing her suicide letter before being introduced to Herbalife. After reaching her goal of losing 30lbs she opened her first nutrition club in Oklahoma City. Her husband TJ Bean loved her unconditionally and even supported her idea of opening Balance Nutrition. Although he was very hesitant at the beginning he also lost 70lbs over their journey as well. Although Erika loved being a stay-at-home mom she needed an opportunity and new lease on life! She has 3 amazing kids, under the age of 4, whom she had at the club with her everyday. Erika's vision of impacting people's lives just like her own was expanded and led to moving to Arkansas. Erika has a passion of helping others, inspiring others and themselves. It started from one event that gave her belief that she could do to Presidents team in 5 years with the faith the size of a mustard seed!